30 "Where Did You Get That?" Pieces That Are, in Fact, Sustainable

Is this the moment where everyone suddenly starts to take sustainability seriously? For a website dedicated to trends and shopping, you'd think we'd happily shy away from the idea, but the team at WWWW UK is always on hand to tell you how to build a capsule wardrobe, find your personal style, buy things that last and give you great cost per wear, show you the way to confidently wear second-hand clothes and locate the well-edited vintage stores that take the hard graft out of things. We also do our best to highlight cool, conscious brands you can afford or invest in. We like to tell you what on the high street is actually worth buying, allowing you to skip the toot that will inevitably get tossed into some sad pile of unworn clothing.

We know we have a great deal to still learn (all thoughts welcome—please DM us on Instagram), but in the wake of Stacey Dooley's BBC investigation into fashion consumption, it's time we all started shouting a little louder and trying much harder. So to reconcile our desire for fashionability along with the need for more considered purchasing habits, let's start with this: a gallery chock-full of more sustainable, ethical and conscious items you can buy today and keep forever. Remember, there are different levels of sustainability (and we know fabric compositions, production and manufacturing, packaging and so on can become very complex), but if you can at least start aiming to buy less but better, that's a great beginning.

Opening Images: @lisa.aiken carrying clutch bag from Simon Miller—a brand that is trying to reduce the use of water in production and use organic mills; @slipintostyle wearing a vegan leather dress from Nanushka; a look from one of our favourite vintage stores @naninvintage; @double3exposure wearing shoes from a socially and ethically aware brand, Suzanne Rae