Not All Sunglasses Are Created Equal—Here Are the Best to Invest In

It never fails to amaze us just how sunglasses completely overhaul your entire look—how something so small could make such an impact. But such is the power of a well-chosen pair of shades. Chances are you already have a set that you heavily rely on (I have been wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers since my teens), but there are countless sunglasses shapes and styles to consider if you’re looking for a swift and chic summer refresh.

Below you’ll find an edit of the best sunglasses for women that never go out of style, as well as some key pairs that tap into fashion’s current aesthetic. We’re talking everything from classic shapes such as ’70s oversize and cat-eye to the divisive flat-top and ultra-bright-coloured frames. With pairs from Prada and Celine, Mango and Monki, you’re sure to find a new set of shades to suit you, no matter your taste, face shape, or budget. So keep scrolling to see and shop the best sunglasses for women right now.


Best Sunglasses for Women: @NLMARILYN



Although statement, oversize, '70s-inspired sunglasses have become a timeless shade style that suits just about every face shape. A general rule to follow when it comes to selecting your oversize shades is to try them on and then smile widely. If it causes the sunglasses to touch your cheeks and lift off the bridge of your nose, they aren't the correct fit for you. 


Best Sunglasses for Women: @KATIECUNG



A close cousin of the '50s cat-eye (more on those later), angular, sharp-edged sunglasses are having a moment and work particularly well to balance out narrower faces. 


While black and tortoiseshell sunglasses will always serve you well, consider adding a bright pair to your accessory repertoire, and use it to pep up simple outfits.


Best Sunglasses for Women: @MILLAKUOKSA



For the minimalists among us, the trend for simple, most likely black, rectangular shades continues. While you'll find plenty of designer pairs, you'll find lots of affordable options, too, meaning everyone can get in on this look.  


Best Sunglasses for Women: @ADA_OGUNTODU



Pay homage to the '90s and early aughts with a pair of frameless sunglasses. This is a look that was made for anyone who ever dreamed of being Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Janet Jackson. 


Best Sunglasses for Women: @ITSMEKELLIEB



Akin to classic aviator sunglasses, flat-tops feature just that—a flat top, which creates a shield-like silhouette across the eyes. This will never be the most versatile sunglasses shape you could invest in, but it's certainly one of the most iconic.  



Best Sunglasses for Women: @GRECEGHANEM



Bridging the gap between statement sunnies and more slender shapes, the cat-eye makes for the ideal sunglasses option for classicists and those with a penchant for glamorous clothing. 


Best Sunglasses for Women: @FASHIONBELLE



Square sunglasses will always be a style mainstay and look good on just about everyone. That said, they do loan themselves especially well to those with round or heart-shaped faces, and the angles and straight lines provide a contrast to their delicate features. 


Best Sunglasses for Women: @BASICSTOUCH



You might not think it, but round sunglasses are one of the older shapes of sunglasses, having been around for over 100 years. Although thin frames peak in popularity from time to time, right now we're seeing pairs with thicker frames more regularly. 

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