11 Chic Sandals to Replace Flip-Flops Forever

We totally understand the purpose of flip-flops—they're easy to slip on for the beach or when you need to protect your feet from something gross (e.g., a college shower). But c'mon, they're not flattering, clunk when you walk, and are absolutely terrible for your feet (where's the support?). And truthfully, there's really no reason to wear them—especially with the extensive offering of similar sandals that are just as comfortable and functional. To prove it, we rounded up similar sandals that rival flip-flops for you to consider this summer.

Keep scrolling to shop your favorites, and ditch those flip-flops in the trash—or at least shove them to the very back of your closet.

Zara Shiny Flat Slides ($36)

Do you like flip-flops? Would you try other types of sandals instead? Let us know in the comments below!

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