This Heatwave Outfit Only Takes 30 Seconds To Style

It's hot—it's really quite hot. In fact, we don't think we've ever been as hot as we are in this current moment. And yes, we are aware of the irony of spending the entirety of winter complaining about the cold, but this is just getting out of hand. So, when it comes to outfits, the last thing you want to be doing on a muggy Monday morning is spending hours contemplating your wardrobe, and that's why this week we're offering-up wardrobe solutions to allow you to get on with your life with minimal fuss. Enter playsuits. 

Best summer playsuits 2019: Tanya Burr



Forget prairie dresses and slip skirts, if you ask me, the best warm weather-ready trend I've seen all summer has got to be the playsuit—and this is coming from someone who spends far too much of her life shopping. While the boilersuit won the 'most-impact-minimal-effort' prize back in winter, the playsuit has continued its good work, with both high street and high-end brands embracing the trend's low-maintenance, retro appeal.

Playsuits of the past might've come in flimsy fabrics and playful prints, the vibe for 2019 is defiantly utilitarian. Topshop has a great offering right now, and they all come in clean-lined silhouettes and unprinted shades of brown, khaki and white. They're the sort of pieces that look unbelievably cool simply by adding '70s sunnies, chunky sandals and a cross-body bag. It'll take you approximately 30 seconds, which means more time to stick your head in the fridge—which is never a bad thing.

Best summer playsuits 2019: Joy Montgomery


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: A belted style is perfect for giving shape, just make sure the fabric is light enough to let it hang. 

Scroll down to see and shop our favourite 2019 jumpsuits. 

Shop Our Playsuit Edit

One of the best offerings on the high street.

The coolest shade of pink we've ever seen.

Ok, call off the search, I've found perfect playsuit. 

A great alternative if you prefer to cover-up your arms. 

This could look so cute with low heels and statement earrings. 

For all your animal print-lovers out there. 

So into the wide belt on this playsuit.

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