6 Cool-Girl Knitwear Trends That Are Ruling Summer 2022

Chic summer knitwear is integral to the British wardrobe. 

Aside from dresses, knitwear is the one thing that stays put during the quarterly wardrobe audit. My wardrobe features an easy-access shelf dedicated to knits, to be retrieved at a moment’s notice. It may be dubbed a fashion necessity but that doesn’t make knitwear any less appealing. As the UK graces us with fluctuating forecasts daily, knits are a sound investment piece. Knitwear lovers will be pleased to know that this year’s trends are in favour of their proclivities, as summer knits are in growing demand.

Sleeveless knits, cropped cardigans and crochet weaves are dominating the summer 2022 market. For the first time in years, there’s a marrying of knitted fabrics and beachwear, creating the sublime crochet maxi dress and its variants—the sleeveless knit and transparent weaves that also allude to the cut-out craze. At first glance, these styles may seem short-lived, but I believe it’s the type of release that’ll span years of use for many occasions, from holidays to romantic dinners a little closer to home.

Knitwear has a place throughout the seasons, particularly if you’re Blighty-bound. Wearing a knitted layer in the UK has become the equivalent of grabbing a jacket on the way out. Whether fashioned as a layering piece or outerwear equivalent, there’s always a place for the myriad designs.

The after-effect of Khaite is still prominent, as inspired cardigans continue to appear across e-commerce, suggesting it now has permanent standing. The same goes for the Breton, which never dates. Summer updates of these styles are crafted in lightweight materials and textured stitching with air vents. From the ever-popular crochet knit to dulcet tones and linen weaves, here are the six best summer knitwear categories to know this summer.

1. Sleeveless Knits

Style Notes: Sleeveless knits are among the summer classics as they’re re-released year-round. This year, there’s been a crossover of trends, so you’ll likely find crochet knit and pops of colour amid this category.

Cotton and silk make the softest mix.

The softness of cotton with crisp tailoring is the ultimate juxtaposition.

A linen knit sounds like magic in the height of summer.

The '90s sweater-vest appreciation has reached new heights.

This textured tank with ecru jeans and tan flatforms. I can see it vividly.

2. Neutrals

Style Notes: Neutral knitwear uplifts heavy fabrics with a sweeping of colour. Soft tones brighten looks for summer in comparison to the deep hues of autumn.

The sheer fabrication is an appropriate choice for summer.

Limoncello puff sleeve with just the right amount of crop. Wear this with deep indigo denim and tan mules.

Neutral knits are dominant in the summer.

Cashmere will keep you cool in the summer, and the short-sleeve design will ensure increased airflow.

3. Crochet



Style Notes: Crochet knitwear is trickling into e-commerce like sticky saccharine goodness. The style is reminiscent of noughties fashion, but it’s so appropriate for the here and now. It’s stylish and practical and breathes some life (and breeze) into knitwear. I think we haven't seen the last of it yet.

A light, airy weave with intentional laddering.

Crochet sleeves on a cardigan give the appearance of a waistcoat (which is also in keeping with S/S 22).

Light enough to wear alone on the most summery of days.

A two-toned open knit with contrasting trims.

4. Breton

Style Notes: No matter the season, you cannot go wrong with stripes. In the summer, cotton mixes take prevalence as they’re light and breathable. This year, many Breton jumpers come in loose fits with punctures, which is the best way to wear your favourite style in the summer.

Sezane is renowned for knitwear. This Breton style is dateless and can easily be worn with a denim mini in summer.

Ruche up the sleeves and wear with white linen trousers and tan slides.

A cool-toned Breton is a varied take on the often ecru background.

Two trends in one, resulting in a beautiful and timeless design.

5. Cropped Cardigan

Best Summer Knitwear: @sabinasocol



Style Notes: It’s safe to say Khaite put the figure-skimming cardigan back on the map. Wearing a cardigan as a top seems to be the most popular styling method in the summer. There’s a Parian nod to the style, and really, it makes a two-in-one

The tie-front detail is the sweetest update to autumn/winter cardigans.

Lemaire is a brand to watch for elevated knitwear. The rounded-shoulder feature and cropped style add an element of femininity.

The perfect throw-on cardigan for wearing with jeans.

A tie cardigan also pairs well with vintage-style jeans and heels.

6. Multicolored Knits

Style Notes: There’s no denying that multicoloured knitwear is super fun. There’s something about it that evokes a childlike wonder, and as a child of the ’90s, I can tell you I most definitely wore styles like this back in the day.

A woven halterneck to show us that knits will never be left behind. 

Even though I'm a lover of neutrals, I can't help but be drawn to this fun colour palette! This weave also comes in a maxi dress.

The patchwork design is adorable in pale pink. It's a summer style you can wear throughout the year to uplift your mood—dopamine dressing!

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