5 Hair Accessories Fashion Girls Can't Get Enough of This Summer

When it comes to doing my own hair, I have zero patience to do anything elaborate. Just the thought of the time it takes to curl my hair (for context, my hair is rather thin, but there's a lot of it) is enough to make me tie it up and out of the way. This laziness on my part is largely the reason I've since become obsessed with hair accessories

With the power to make my hair look pretty with minimal effort, hair accessories have become my go-to when my outfit feels a little plain or I need a quick switch-up. So you can imagine my delight when, a couple of years back, hair accessories became a priority on the style agenda—a place they've remained ever since. 

However, looking at my collection of hair accessories, it dawned on me that most of them were created with party season in mind. Hair clips are adorned with crystals while velvet serves as the fabric of choice. As such, I set about to find more summer-appropriate options that will still give my hair an elevated feel without being too fancy. 

From the new '90s add-on to a fresh take on the Alice bands, below you'll find an edit of the best summer hair accessories fashion girls are wearing right now.  


Style Notes: Alice bands made a huge comeback a few years ago when black padded styles reigned supreme. Now, things have taken a playful turn with bright colours and different textures. Just make sure yours include a knot to ensure they're 2020-appropriate. 

Best Summer Hair Accessories: @isabellath wears a bow barrette



Style Notes: Nothing has the power to give your look a fanciful feel like a hair bow. Instead of floaty ribbon, the fashion pack are opting for structured bow barrettes, which they use to effortlessly pull back the front sections of their hair. 


Style Notes: No longer restricted to the confines of the gym, scrunchies have become a cool-girl style staple. This summer, it appears size does matter, as those in the know are rocking supersize scrunchies day in and day out. 


Best Summer Hair Accessories: @monikh wears a hair scarf



Style Notes: We've seen countless nostalgic accessories make a return to our wardrobes (see the previous section on scrunchies), and now it seems another '90s accessory has become the height of chic once again. Hair scarves are dominating our feeds right now. Either fashion a silk square scarf around your tresses to create the look or invest in one of Free People's designated hair squares complete with elastic. 

Best Summer Hair Accessories: @heartzeena wears resin hair clips



Style Notes: Hair clips are still going strong, but in place of heavy metal or gemstone options, influencers are opting for brightly coloured resin styles to bestow their summer outfits with a playful vibe.

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