The Key Piece You Can Pick Up in Zara and Pretend Is Really Expensive

There are multiple reasons one particular £20 blue-and-white striped shirt is amongst Zara's current best sellers. It's versatile and smart. It's affordable. It's tapping into fashion's ongoing love affair with all things related to button-downs and blouses. It's very spring-ready. It's flattering on everyone. It's something you'll find in designer circles just as easily as you will on the high street… Those are enough to justify its mass popularity, but more than all the above, the truth is almost every girl under the sun can look good in a blue-and-white button-down.

Best Striped Shirts


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Like with all trends or key items, it's about locating the ultimate one for you and your closet, but never before have there been so many iterations to choose from. London-based duo Palmer//Harding has taken the idea to the max, with striped, asymmetrically hemmed shirts that can be neatly tied at the waist and layered over jeans. J.Crew has even introduced National Stripes Day, which falls on March 31. Type "blue striped shirt" into ASOS and over 40 options present themselves, and there's double that on offer at Net-a-Porter. Thanks to the overwhelming number of striped blue shirts now available, you'll probably want the fast download on which ones are worth buying.

Keep reading to shop our favourite picks.

Now this would make the most of a #statementsleeves hashtag.

With bustier and sleeve detailing, this has a double whammy of cool.

Okay, so not strictly a button-down, but very lovely nonetheless.

When the sun comes out, you'll be thankful for this stunner of a shirt.

This works hard from Monday meetings through to Sunday brunch.

This is a more austere take on the trend, but that's no bad thing.

It's the version that calls out to more adventurous dressers.

With a dash of embroidery, this shirt looks way beyond its price tag.

This affordable version is also selling like crazy.

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