The Unstoppable Rise of the "Instagram Hat"

It may well be the most Instagrammable holiday accessory ever. In fact, we're going to call it The Instagram Hat. You know the one. It's large, it's made of straw and it often has some important sunny mantra embroidered or printed on it such as "do not disturb." If your out-of-office memo was an item of summer clothing, this would be it. It's exactly the kind of message we like our holiday wardrobe to give off. So popular have these wide-brimmed numbers become that Lyst's data team is reporting 1000 year-to-date searches for "Instagram hat" on its shopping platform, as well as a 93% rise in girls looking specifically for the brand behind the trend: Eugenia Kim.

Whether you're always abroad in hot, exotic destinations like Collage Vintage (we can dream) or you're just keen to up your social media game this summer, we can guarantee that one picture of you in one of these with a piña colada in hand will mean instant success. Just sit back, relax and watch those likes roll in… or the sunset—it's up to you. Keep scrolling to see the Instagram phenomenon at work, and see the best straw hats money can buy.




Style Notes: Strawberries, sun hats and a swimming pool. Ah, how we love summer.




Style Notes: Gingham plus a huge wide-brimmed straw hat? We'll be copying this look as soon as we touch down in sunnier climes.




Style Notes: Levi's and this summer's only shape of Ray-Ban to be seen in? This is summer 2017 in a picture. Collage Vintage knows what she's doing.




Style Notes: This hat was made for reading by the pool.




Style Notes: Collage Vintage is at it again. Note to self: Remember to buy the matching rope sandals.



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Opening Image: Collage Vintage