25 Chic Stationery Pieces I'm Sure Will Increase My Productivity

A snack. A cup of tea. Another glass of water. A quick check of Instagram. A WhatsApp to your friends of that funny video you saw of some woman making tea badly. Let's be honest. These are just a few things that could be distracting when working from home. It is tough to remain productive, especially as we're now many days into our routine of mostly staying in the house. So it's time to pull out the big guns. And that means buying new stationery.

I'm a firm believer in making sure you have your surroundings in check before you start working (I have to work with a tidy desk), and a great pen and a nice notepad are just part of that. Of course, stationery is so much more. There are the sticky notes, pencil cases, stamps, file holders, pencil pots, etc. I could go on. Instead, though, you can keep scrolling and see my edit of the chicest pieces of stationery around right now.

best stationery working from home: heartzeena's notebook



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