#TuesdayShoesday: 5 Pairs of the Boldest Brogues Around

Investing in flat shoes could never be construed as a bad idea, but it's understandable if you've ever felt that the purchase isn't as exciting as the moment you let loose on a pair of extravagant high heels. We get it. That was the case until not so long ago—flats shoes equalled boring shoes; heels were the exciting ones. But nowadays there are so many wild and wonderful options for brogues—loafers, slippers, monk-straps and more—that the process of finding a stand-out pair can be just as thrilling.

So for this #TuesdayShoesday, we're thinking both about practicality and peppiness. Nothing can elevate a work look quite as effortlessly as a pair of statement brogues that you can breeze through the office in, catching intakes of breath and glints of sunlight reflecting from their embellishment as you go. 

There are many brands who now solely specialise in this kind of powerful-but-heel-free kind of shoe: Take Rogues or Coliac as great examples. Scroll down to shop our favourite five pairs of bold brogues now…

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Imagine a black tuxedo and these beauties.

It's so hard to find amazing navy shoes, but we did it.

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