I'm Dreaming of Summer—and a Time When I Can Actually Wear These Epic Sunglasses

Every picture I am saving on Instagram recently seems to have one thing in common—a pair of vibrant square-frame sunglasses. This might be a side effect of just finishing the '70s series The Serpent, or maybe it's because like many Brits in February in lockdown I am desperately craving some sunshine (or let's be honest, even daylight). I typically tend to be very boring when it comes to sunglasses, only wearing a Wayfarer or similarly classic shape, however this year I'm drawn towards retro shades in vibrant hues. I blame it on lockdown boredom. 

I'm more than ready to have some fun with my outfits again, and wearing a pair of OTT bright green sunglasses on my daily walk might just satisfy this urge. Unsurprisingly, Gucci (a moniker for maximalist nowadays) is leading this trend, with its angular, rainbow shades. Another label which has sparked this revival of angular, colourful sunnies is Loewe which as part of its Paula's Ibiza collection looked at vintage styles from the '70s and '80s to create graphic, glossy square sunglasses with rounded lenses inside the frame. They instantly became as Instagrammable as a Puzzle bag, and sold out as fast as you can say 'cult buy.'

When it comes to sunnies, my philosophy is "more is more" this year. If you also want to branch out from tortoiseshell, below I've found lots of amazing sunglasses in mint, petrol, orange and pink.

Style Notes: This soft mustard hue will go with almost any outfit, and I love the lighter tint on the lenses. When you've not seen friends in months, it'll be nice to still be able to see their whole face. 

Style Notes: Green and glossy. This is what I want my sunnies to be in 2021.

Style Notes: Green is trending for eyewear this year, and I love this acidic shade. 

Style Notes: Go all out retro with white frames like Lotte's pair. 

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There is something 3D-esque about these glasses—in a good way. 

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