In Defence of the Hat: An Editor's Perspective

I'm a hat dude. For the last few years, if you see me, you see a hat: beanies (always Neff!) and porkpie hats in the winter and baseball caps and fedoras in the summer. To be honest, I never really wore hats prior to two years ago—I never thought it was really my thing. But after sitting next to a guy in the coolest topper at brunch (yes, I'm ok with some hats at a restaurant table, despite what etiquette aficionados say) one Saturday, I started thinking: Here's this normal person in a standard outfit (jeans, a pullover, and sneakers), but somehow he looks different from the rest and, in a way, a whole lot cooler because of that one accessory. That afternoon, I stopped at a boutique on my way home and picked up my very first real hat—and it kind of spiraled from there. Now, it's become my signature. 

But there are other benefits to my hat game than just looking cool. The right style can frame your face, make your entire vibe feel inherently special, and so on. And I'm not the only one that thinks this (of course). I chatted with one of my favourite brands Goorin Brothers to get president Ben Goorin's perspective on the benefits of hats to back me up. 

Scroll below to check out five reasons why hats are awesome, along with some of my favourite styles to shop now. And if you're not a hat person yet, watch out, it's coming. Plus, what better time is there to embrace the #hatlife than this weekend in honour of the ultimate "hat-scapde," the Kentucky Derby!

Not only do hats look great, but they're functional, too: protecting your face from the sun!

Going solo to an outdoor event this spring? Toss on an eye-catching hat and let it do the talking.

A hat adds an extra, unexpected layer to your ensemble and is the finishing touch to a perfect, well-styled outfit.

Make an instant statement when you're walking down the street with a larger-than-life, super-chic hat!

The right topper can make anything—even the most basic jeans and tee getup—feel instantly unique and special.

Goorin Bros. Lucy Hat ($140)

Clyde Colette Hat ($224)


What do you think about hats? Do you love as much as this editor? Will you try a new style this spring? Let us know in the comment section below.