6 Spring Coats That Will Make Outdoor Dining So Much Better

Best spring jackets and coats: trench coat



Several weeks after restaurants and pubs have reopened, the novelty of eating a meal that doesn't end with a pile of washing up still hasn't worn off. However, al fresco dining in the UK does have its challenges. There's the risk of a soggy, rained-on main course, napkins flying everywhere and the non-stop shivering. By May, we'd usually hope to have discarded all additional layers and started to wear our high-summer wardrobes, but the current weather and restrictions mean you're more likely to be wearing a puffer coat than pair of sandals. 

Getting dressed properly has been an adjustment since the end of lockdown, meaning we have been inundated with questions about what to wear to picnics, pubs and park dates. As the forecast is looking a little grim, we've had many asking about how to stay warm when eating outside. If you're hoping to retire your duvet coat, we've listed six spring coats and jackets that will come in handy for a summer of outdoor dining. 

1. Light Quilted Coat

Best spring jackets and coats: Black quilted coat and jeans



Many of us lived in duvet coats this winter, and there are lots of beautiful lighter quilted spring coats around. The Sea patchwork coat below is a standout style. 

2. Classic Trench Coat

Best spring jackets and coats: Oversized trench coat



A trench coat will forever be a spring staple, but the rainproof quality makes it particularly helpful for any outdoor plans. If you opt for a slightly oversize silhouette, you can layer knitwear underneath. 

3. Suede Jacket

The suede jacket is another spring favourite and a handy layering piece, as you can wear it underneath a quilted or wool coat. 

4. Black Blazer

We aren't in the business of telling people exactly what they should or shouldn't wear. However, a black blazer is an item that is useful whatever your personal style is. 

5. Black Wool Coat

Yes, a thick wool coat is still essential for spring in the UK. The below Totême coat is thick enough to wear in winter, too. 

6. Shacket

Best spring jackets and coats: wool shacket



The shacket is a popular choice for spring and handy for those warmer days when you can go without a coat but want something in-between.

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