I'm Obsessed With Candles—Any of These 18 Spring Ones Will Bring You So Much Joy

The days are getting longer, the sun is (occasionally) shining, and daffodil season is well and truly upon us, which can only mean one thing: Spring is here. For me, the onset of spring is far more than just a change in season; it’s a feeling, a state of mind, and is more evocative of new beginnings than January will ever be. So naturally, in the sprit of nourishing and refreshing my space for the season ahead—and as a self-confessed candle obsessive—I rely upon the best spring-scented candles to bring the season to life.

As the dark, grey days of winter finally lift, I’ve been setting aside cosy, warm candles with notes of amber, wood smoke, and leather in favour of those with lighter, brighter spring fragrance notes. Think romantic florals, leafy greens, sweet fruits, and sunny citruses. The best spring candles are bound to get you in the mood for spring cleaning, the perfect accompaniment to throwing the windows open on a sunny Sunday morning or arranging a bouquet of fresh blooms on your coffee table. Truly, nothing elevates your mood (or your home) like lighting a fresh candle. 

To make your own spring scented candle shopping easier, I’ve shared my wish list below—a selection of classically spring scents along with some less conventional new options, all guaranteed to boost your mood and refresh your vibes for spring.

1. Jo Malone Rose Blush Candle

A modern take on a classic scent—this newly launched Jo Malone candle combines elegant rose with fresh, punchy basil, juicy lychee, and soft musk. The result? A scent that is guaranteed to get you in the mood for spring.

2. Boy Smells Italian Kush Candle

The perfect accompaniment to longer, sunnier evenings, Italian Kush is inspired by an Italian orchard. Fruity limoncello and pomelo are combined with herbal notes of basil, oregano, and cannabis against a woody base of patchouli and cypress. It's simultaneously warm and fresh—the kind of scent that instantly transports you to warmer climes.

3. NEOM Organics You Rock Candle

NEOM candles are always impressively powerful (the kind you can smell before they've even been lit) and this one is no exception. Designed to accompany a calming meditation ritual, it features notes chosen for their relaxing benefits—including neroli, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and patchouli.

4. Jo Loves Jo By Jo Loves Candle

Fresh and zesty with a warm woody base, this is the kind of scented candle that will see you through both spring and summer. The clean citrus notes of lime and grapefruit are instant mood-boosters.

5. Sana Jardin Revolution De La Fleur Candle

Spring cleaning can seem like a chore, but it won't if you have this burning. A blend of fresh florals and warm vanilla result in a clean but comforting soapy scent. If you gravitate towards softer floral fragrance notes like jasmine and orange flower, you'll love this candle.

6. D'Orsay Mine De Rien Candle

Based upon the heart notes (iris, peony, rose) you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a conventional floral, but the addition of blackcurrant leaf makes this a little sweet and fruity, and base notes of musk and leather add a surprising depth. It's so addictive.

7. Maison Margiela Replica On A Date Candle

The description on the jar tells you everything you need to know about how this candle will make you feel. It's simultaneously fruity and floral, which in my opinion is exactly what a classic spring candle should be.

8. Beauty Pie Clean House Candle

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This is one of my favourite candles of all time, and while I do burn it all year round, it's truly the perfect spring candle. Bright and fresh but also warm and comforting, it's the perfect accompaniment to your big annual spring clean.

9. Bon Parfumeur 04 Candle

This less conventional spring candle is neither fruity nor floral. The key notes are black tea, mugwort, and birch wood, which means it is a little smoky, but it's also surprisingly fresh and sweet.

10. NEST New York Bamboo Classic Candle

Bamboo is an increasingly popular fragrance note, and it's ideal for spring—being fresh, green, and aromatic. Pair it with bright, white florals and a hint of citrus, and the result is a truly uplifting and invigorating scent.

11. Miller Harris Tea Candle

For those who prefer calming, spa-like scents, this delicate tea-scented candle is designed to bring a sense of tranquility and serenity to your home. The sweet, clean notes of earl grey, nutmeg, and green tea are instantly relaxing.


12. Boujee Bougies Succulent Candle

I can see myself burning this candle as spring blends into summer. Inspired (as its name suggests) by succulents, it's ripe, green, and juicy, with uplifting notes of cactus and tomato leaf. 

13. Ruth Mastenbroek Blooming Wild Candle

The next best thing to a bunch of freshly picked blooms—if you want your house to smell like a flower market, look no further. This thick, heavy floral smells good before you've even opened the box, thanks to a blend that includes orange blossom, wild jasmine, gardenia, and sweet acacia.

14. The Muses Supercharge Candle

Supercharge is the perfect name for this candle. Packed with bright citrus notes like Sicilian lemon, pink grapefruit, and lemongrass (plus Jamaican ginger), it's incredibly energising and refreshing. Light this in the morning to kickstart a productive day.

15. Parks London No.11 Wild Rosemary & Bergamot Candle

Combining herbal, floral, citrus, and fruity notes, this candle has a clean, refreshing scent that instantly fills a room. It's a lovely outdoorsy fragrance, evocative of sun-dried laundry.

16. Dasein London Iris Candle

I adore iris as a fragrance note. It's quite an unconventional floral, being a little powdery and a little papery—but it's a great way to scent your space if you're not a fan of traditional florals. This candle sets it against a backdrop of violet, ylang ylang, and musk—the result is sweet, creamy, and delicate.

17. Venom Cult Sacred Santo Candle

This uplifting, restorative scent is exactly what you need to light if you're winding down or having a quiet day to yourself. The main note is palo santo, but elements of rose, pine, and lemon keep it smelling bright and fresh.

18. Elemental Herbology Soothe Reed Diffuser

Okay, not a candle, but I had to include an option for those unable to light candles in their homes, or who simply want a great scented space 24/7. Elemental Herbology's reed diffusers are some of the strongest and long-lasting I've tried. In this new scent, Soothe, jasmine, rose, and sandalwood are blended—chosen for their ability to relive tension, destress the mind, and encourage relaxation.