The 7 Best Sports Bras Out There, According to Real Women

We all look to Amazon for endless shopping, prime deals, and (most importantly) honest customer reviews. The shopping destination makes it incredibly easy to sort your product search by the top reviews, which has led us to share the best thongs, the black leggings everyone raves about, and the $5 T-shirt with 400 positive comments.

Today we’re adding to the list and sharing the sports bras with the highest ratings, along with the top review from each style. With an assortment of brands like Nike and Victoria’s Secret in the mix, there’s a stylish option for everyone. Plus, each highly recommended bra is under $50 so you can stock up and add a variety to your athletic wear wardrobe. We've also included sports bras with an array of support levels for any type of workout. Wearing these 7 highly recommended sports bras is sure to elevate your workout style.  

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