This Boring Item Is Guaranteed to Improve Your WFH Life

In the world of fashion, it's fair to say that socks are firmly at the bottom of its glamorous hierarchy. And that's not, of course, to underestimate their importance; it's just that they are the sort of staple that most people don't derive a great deal of pleasure from buying.

Personally, I am perennially known in my household as the "sock stealer," as I can never bring myself to spend precious pounds on a new pair that could be going towards something more exciting. So, obviously, to his on-going consternation, I just wear my husbands' socks. That was, however, until I started to work from home, and I found humble socks to be at the front and centre of my wardrobe priority list.

I realise talking about socks won't do anything at all to tackle the current crisis, but you know what? Sometimes, it can be the smallest things that can make all the difference in our day-to-day lives. Honestly, I never thought a pair of cosy knitted socks could personally bring me so much comfort. And I've never seen so many pictures of socks on my Instagram feed, from cosy cashmere styles to look-at-me mood-boosters. 

So if you're looking for a bit of sock-based escapism, scroll down to see the styles we're loving right now. Your feet will thank you.

The Colourful Socks

The Basic Socks

The Statement Socks

The Cashmere Socks

The Cosy Unisex Socks

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