The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media: Fashion Week Edition

We recently stumbled upon CampaignLive's great list of digital dos and don'ts for New York Fashion Week and knew we had to share with all of you influencers-in-the-making. This is truly the ONLY information you need to stand out from the ever-growing social media crowd. Below, we put our own spin on some of the best tips. Be sure to read up on them all at CampaignLive!

1. Don’t post weak visuals. Blurry images and videos are a big no-no! You should always strive to show people what they haven’t seen before.

2. Do think beyond the ‘like.’ Ask yourself what you most want to achieve through social media and tailor the platforms that you’ll use accordingly. Facebook and Twitter will help you drive traffic and engage conversations, whereas Instagram is better suited to building general awareness.

3. Do determine the channels most suited to you. Trying to tackle them all is a recipe for disaster and may leave you with a weaker presence across the board. Focus on making one or two platforms great instead.

4. Don’t be scared to experiment. Think outside the box and see how less obvious platforms might benefit you. Snapchat, Spotify and Skype can provide a more unique experience for your viewers.

5. Don’t forget to interact with your fans. People appreciate influencers so much more when they feel their own opinions are valued and heard. Make a point to engage with them whenever possible and use the platforms as a way to crowd-source what’s working and not working for you.

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