6 It Sneakers You'll See All Over the Streets This Year

Kick off those kitten heels and say goodbye to ballet pumps because the It sneakers awards of 2018 are here. You'll have seen them artfully framed on Instagram, stalking the streets of fashion week or even strolling past you at the park—there's no escaping It sneakers. They may come in all shapes and sizes—from Veja's classic silhouette to Louis Vuitton Archlight's space-age lines—but they're all united by the ability to instantly elevate an outfit and bestow fashion kudos on any who wear them.

The It sneaker has become such a style institution that it now seems mandatory that every fashion house produce its own signature style, with bohemian-chic brand Chloé even getting in on the action. Meanwhile, Fila's Disruptor sneakers have ranked second on Lyst's hottest women's products index. Clearly this niche trend has now breached the mainstream. So without further ado, we present to you 2018's ultimate trainers. Scroll down to shop the six looks you need to know about.