In My Opinion, This Is the Best Bag Style to Actually Spend Money On

Previously, the words "practical" and "fashion" would be rarely found together, but thankfully, that's all changed. Dad trainers are an excellent example of this, as are the thick-strap sandals that are set to dominate summer 2019. And who doesn't experience pure joy upon discovering a dress with pockets?

Don't get me wrong—I'm still very much here for high heels and fitted clothing, however, the older I get, the more I place emphasis on making my wardrobe a more practical place. As such, I now tend to only buy bags that have the same distinctive feature: a crossbody strap.

Small crossbody bags are my daily go-to, as they allow me to keep my hands free for using my phone, carrying shopping bags, or most likely, eating a cookie that I picked up during the five-minute walk between my house to the train station. The petite size also means they're less cumbersome than larger bag styles, making them ideal for travelling, too.

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