Everyone We Know Owns a Pair of These Expensive-Looking Summer Sandals

It is just us, or is there a new mood to the summer trends of 2019? It seems as though the bells, whistles, tassels and sequins of seasons past have given way to an altogether more minimalist mindset, with utilitarian silhouettes trumping feminine fits and black becoming the fashion crowd's unexpected heatwave hue of choice.

Nowhere is this shift more evident than in the sandal trends, and out of all the styles jostling for our attention, sliders are surely a contender for the top spot. Comfortable like Velcro sandals, but without the "ugly" undertones, yet still offering plenty of style kudos, you can see why they have such mass appeal. They're also unbelievably easy to style, they're the sort of sandals you can throw on last-minute without much thought—what more could you want?

The slider might be characterised by its simple, thick-strapped silhouette, but this trend is far from a one-trick pony. From the minimalist original in muted colourways to bold animal print and statement fabrics, there are so many iterations to choose from. Scroll down to see and shop my favourite slider styles.


Style Notes: No single pair are alike, but the thing that unites these sliders is their intriguing detailing or standout texture. Whether it's gem embellishment or tweed fabric, these are sure to elevate any outfit. 


Style Notes: This is sliders in all their stripped-back glory. Minimalists should make the most of the trend's natural simplicity and opt for a pair in black, tan or white (or silver, if you're so inclined). See how they go with everything from dresses to denim?

Style Notes: It might seem specific, but I've honestly lost count of all the animal-print sliders I've seen around this season. Whether it's monochrome zebra or mottled leopard, these prints will add punch to your summer basics. 

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