21 Habits Our Editors Rely on for a Good Night's Sleep

After a night I spent tossing and turning due to even the tiniest noise in my flat keeping me awake (and the fact that my neighbours' boiler sounds like the engine of a jet plane), I'm dedicating my morning to bringing you a roundup of the best products and habits to aid a better night's sleep, as approved by the Who What Wear UK editors.

I'm not going to claim these are all life-changing, but there's something lovely about spritzing a lavender pillow spray onto your bedlinen or swapping your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. Even if I can't guarantee you won't still be counting sheep, these tips will help you start to unwind after a busy day. Who knows? You might even find a serious game-changer here.

Best Sleep Beauty Products: ASOS Lesley in waffle knit dressing gown



Mica Ricketts, Deputy Beauty Editor

"There's nothing like a bath to help me really unwind and switch off after a long day. (There's something about spending a good 30 minutes away from my phone that definitely helps too.) A few drops of this potent essential oil blend does wonders to calm the senses and calm tired muscles."

"Come dark, one of the first things I do is switch on my lamps, light a few candles and make sure that the "big light" is most definitely switched off. Not only does it visually help me to unwind, but this lavender-and-chamomile candle from This Works also provides the dreamiest, bedtime-ready fragrance. Fans of the brand's iconic pillow spray will love this."

"On evenings when I really can't switch off, I apply this pressed oil to my wrists and behind my ears. It smells immediately soothing but also contains passionflower oil which helps your body to naturally absorb magnesium, zinc and B vitamins—all essential for a great night's sleep. If you wake during the night, warm a small amount between your hands and breathe in deeply to reduce the tossing and turning."

"When I'm feeling really stressed out, I'll reach for one of these self-warming eye masks when I climb into bed. They feel incredibly soothing, and the subtle jasmine scent is just blissful."

Elinor Block, Assistant Editor

"This facial roller helps to not only make my skin look better, but it helps to relax my jaw where I hold a lot of tension."

"Listening to a podcast helps me unwind before I go to sleep. I'm loving You're Dead to Me. It's a history podcast with a difference. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but the Lord Byron episode is wonderful."

"I'm reading Essays on Storytelling by Phillip Pullman, which is great for taking your mind of things."

Emily Dawes, Freelance Branded Content Editor

"I like to keep as much of a routine before bed as possible. I have a peppermint tea and then after properly cleansing my face I always apply a relaxing, nice smelling face oil like Aurelia's Probiotic Cell Repair. Then I spray a lavender pillow spray (heaven!). I'll usually drift off to an audiobook - you can't beat Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter books!"

"I am very cynical when it comes to wellness trends, but this chakra spray always makes me feel calm. I've sprayed it in every office I've ever worked in during stressful times ("Emma we're ready for a spritz" used to be my order when on deadline) and I spray it every single night before bed."

"My bed resembles a pillow fort, as I make a nest of pillows and decorative cushion. This one is my favourite of them all as not only does it look beautiful, but it is also so soft to sleep on."

Joy Montgomery, Shopping Editor

"I'll be honest with you, I'm not a good sleeper, and my brain tends to switch on the moment my head hits the pillow. The sliver lining is that I'm now a sleep expert, and have tried every remedy and technique under the sun. Honestly? The three things that have actually helped are as follows: Firstly, download a meditation app: Headspace is my fave. Secondly, buy yourself a pretty notepad and offload all your thoughts and worries onto it just before you go to bed. Thirdly, I don't own a bath (sob), but whenever I get the chance I'll soak in Epsom bath salts about 30 mins before I tuck myself in. Oh, and also don't get into bed until you're actually tired. That's all!"

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

"I suffer from really bad hayfever at this time of the year, and this really helps me breathe better at night (it's prime time for pollen to cause me all sorts of problems). It's also become ritualistic, I suppose."

Hannah opts for the mood-calming, relaxing lavender oil to pair with her diffuser when she wants to aid a good night's sleep.

"Smells are so mood-shifting, and I think if you associate one with sleep, then it's bound to do the trick. This is, more importantly, absolutely delightful."

"No idea if this makes any difference to my hair, skin or sleep patterns, but, man, it feels so dreamy."

Shannon Lawlor, Contributor

"Anyone that knows me knows that I can't sleep without a long soak in the bath before I climb into bed. Since discovering these lavender bath salts last year, they have become a permanent fixture in my nightly routine. Equally as gorgeous as some of the more expensive salts but a fraction of the price, they're one of my most-coveted beauty products."

"I don't particularly like the feeling of thick hand creams but I always have a tube of this beside my bed to soothe tired hands after a long, hard day. The subtle lavender scent has me drifting off in a matter of minutes."

"I really struggle to sleep unless I'm in complete darkness and silence. This 100% silk eye mask makes sure I get a full-night's sleep and doesn't compromise delicate skin around the eye area."

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