Bye Cotton Briefs, We're Buying This Silk Underwear From Now on

It’s frequently said that we dress with the intention of impressing others, which if we’re brutally honest is sometimes the case. But lingerie? What lies beneath our clothing is our little secret, and we’ve personally found that it can really give us a real boost of confidence as we go about our day. Which is why we’ve made it our mission to elevate our underwear drawers—starting with the best silk lingerie money can buy.

We don’t normally think much about our lingerie (unless, of course, a new dress or top requires a specific piece), and we think it’s high time to give our smalls the attention they deserve. Enter: our roundup of seriously luxe underpinnings. Far from a once-a-year Valentine’s Day treat, silk lingerie is one of the most special things you can invest in, and it really pays to buy the real deal.

Don’t be fooled by similar shiny materials. They might look the part, but silk is only considered pure when it’s made solely from the floss spun by silkworms. It’s a timely process requiring the utmost skill and care—and that alone is reason enough for silk’s sought-after status. Impossibly soft with a beautiful sheen and depth, it feels heavenly on skin, which is likely why it’s so popular with artisan lingerie designers.

But where do you find the best silk lingerie online? We’ve made easier for you to sift through the brands by creating our very own digital silk lingerie directory featuring our most-loved sets…

The only hard part is choosing which set to splurge on first…

Opening Image: Lucy Williams/Frances Davison