Where Cool Girls Shop in Paris for Clothes, Perfume, Homewares and More

I've visited Paris many times, but not once has it just been for pleasure. As one of the major fashion hubs, it's a regular spot for editors to go back and forth from for various things (interviews, shows, events and so on), but I've literally never had a great deal of time to actually stroll through the city in the way I've often dreamt of.

For example, I've not seen the Eiffel Tower apart from when I whizzed by in a cab, I haven't visited the Moulin Rouge, and I've never made the most of the extraordinary shopping options because I'm more likely to be running late, hungry and prioritising finding a croque monsieur. So with PFW drawing to a close, I've made a resolution: I will go to Paris for a holiday, and I will shop to my heart's content. Maybe I'll even need to go solo…

Many stores, franchises and brands are now available globally via the internet, but there's still something magical to be said for a shopaholic experiencing some local action. Whether it's that you can pick up a niche homegrown designer label that hasn't yet exploded on Instagram, or it's simply the thrill and memory attached with buying something exciting in a special place, the below itinerary covers a lot of ground.