This Is the Best Place to Shop in London, According to Fashion Girls

best places to shop in London


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Trying to whittle down the best places to shop in London is a challenging task, and it’s taken some serious deliberating here at the Who What Wear UK office. But we think we’ve done it, and what you’re about to read is a carefully thought-out list of the hidden gems we genuinely love to shop ourselves.

Now, don’t get us wrong—we live for online shopping. It’s quite literally our job, or at least a huge part of it, not to mention a favourite pastime. But often there’s really nothing better than getting to see your soon-to-be purchases up close and personal. Browsing the rails, hitting the fitting rooms and getting an IRL feel for how they’ll fit and move on your body.

This is all especially true when those purchases are waiting for you on the stylish streets of London. So without further ado, here are the hot spots we suggest you get out and visit. Keep scrolling below to see the London hot spots the Who What Wear UK team love to shop.

Camden Passage

“I love Camden Passage when the market is on during the weekend. It’s great for mooching and vintage shopping (both fashion and interiors), and there’s always a great place to get some brunch. I’ve bought many of my most treasured retro pieces here, including a shaggy shearling ’70s coat I’ll never ever throw away.” — Hannah Almassi, Who What Wear UK editorial director

East Dulwich

“There’s a really cute place in East Dulwich called Fashion Conscience that I love. It stocks sustainable clothing and has some chic labels like People Tree.” — Elinor Block, Who What Wear UK assistant editor

Redchurch Street

“I love Beyond Retro in Dalston for the best selection of vintage dresses. And then Redchurch Street in Shoreditch is my favourite shopping street—lots of boutique shops alongside Aesop and Cheeky Holborn for nails.” — Alyss Bowen, Byrdie UK social media editor

Wolf & Badger

“The Wolf & Badger boutique in Notting Hill is always great for unearthing hidden gems and discovering new labels. I love the minimalist feel of the store too—you don’t feel that hectic crush of the high-street when you’re browsing here. Heaven.” — Amy Lewis, Who What Wear contributor

Brick Lane

“I love the vintage shops along Brick Lane. It’s the perfect place to find leather pieces, good fabrics like cashmere and wool, and, of course, unique designer labels. Beyond Retro is fab, but all you need to really do is roam around the whole area. And stop for cake at Kahaila Cafe.” — Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Who What Wear UK social media editor

Liberty London

“It’s an obvious one, but Liberty London still makes for a great shopping trip every single time. It’s recently redone its womenswear offering, so it’s better than ever, and I love the homewares too.” — Cherry Collins, Who What Wear contributor

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