The Best Shopping in Edinburgh, From a Very Stylish Local

Welcome to Who What Wear UK's Brit Month, a four-week-long riot of brilliant wardrobe-related things that just so happen to be British. From homegrown startup brands that we want to bring to your attention to the naturally awe-inspiring stylings of our nation's best dressed street stars, this is your hub for the finest fashion intel from these fair Isles.

The best shopping in Edinburgh? Well, you'd probably need—and prefer—a local to tell you that. So with team Who What Wear being based in London, we knew it was best to reach out to a stylish girl who lives in the area to give us the skinny. Let's face it: The next time we head up to Scotland (or anywhere for that matter), we've always got more than sightseeing on our minds.

Enter Joan Collins of How Does Joan Do It. Okay, sure, she's from Miami originally, but she's spent enough time living within the EH post codes—and enough time shopping nearby—to know the hot spots inside and out. Everyone can find their way to the high street's most chartered brands, but it takes another kind of keen fashion eye to seek out the more individual go-tos a city has to offer. And with Edinburgh's creative crowd, it's no wonder there are a few gems to uncover.

We bring you Joan's concise guide to the best places to shop in Edinburgh so that you can a) spend more time enjoying the city's many beautiful hangouts and b) come back with something better than a magnet. Keep reading to see Edinburgh's hottest shopping destinations.

1. If You're Always Rummaging

"If vintage or thrift shopping is your jam, then go to W. Amstrong & Son, located all over Edinburgh," Joan says. "They have so many interesting vintage finds, so set aside a few hours in order to really dig in and find yourself a Scottish gem. Particularly great for students or anyone who on a budget."

2. If Designer Buys Are Your Bag


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"Tucked away on Young Street, there's a consignment store called The Stock Xchange—it's a true gold mine full of designer pieces," says Joan. "You'll want to chat with the owner, who might love fashion just as much as you do."

3. If You Want a One-Stop Shop


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Short on time? Plain lazy? Joan recommends heading to the Edinburgh branch of Harvey Nichols. "If you're looking for a one-stop shop, Harvey Nichols is full of top designer fashion brands from Gucci to Céline and so many others. Basically, Harvey Nichols has everything you need. You can shop, get your nails done and even go up to the fourth floor for afternoon tea, lunch or dinner."

4. If You Like Supporting Indie Businesses


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"The only word to describe this shop is cool. Epitome is a small independent boutique stocked with niche designer brands like Kate Sheridan and Common Projects," Joan explains. "They sell everything from clothes to shoes, handbags and accessions. The store feels luxurious without being pretentious."

5. If You're Looking for Something Traditional


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"Scotland is known for its Harris Tweed, and Walker Slater does it best. Their men's and women's stores, located on Victoria Street, are full of traditional, well-crafted pieces. You'll look completely dapper with their selection of tailored suits, capes and blazers, all in an assortment of fabrics from cashmere to tweed."

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