These Shoe Styles Got Me Through 7 Years as an Assistant

As I explained recently, I spent seven years of my career as an assistant in the entertainment and fashion industries, and I did so with a variety of tried-and-true wardrobe staples and go-to outfits. But the element of my assistant wardrobe that basically influenced how my day was going to go (seriously) was my choice of footwear, and it's something that I admittedly struggled with from time to time. I'm not one for "practical" shoes, but having functional footwear that didn't hold me back when scurrying all over the office (or town, in many cases) was crucial. It was something I learned the hard way—a few times.

Those seven years were a learning experience in more ways than one, but one of my biggest sartorial takeaways was a capsule wardrobe of six work shoe styles that I couldn't live without. Bear in mind that my assistant positions took place in creative office environments, so some of these styles (ahem, polished trainers) may not work in a more conservative workplace, but most of them definitely will.

Below, find out which shoe styles got me through those seven years as an assistant, and shop my current picks for each.

Even if you're not an assistant, I highly recommend owning these six styles for work (or just life).

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S.