4 Shoes to Toss by Age 25

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We frequently talk about age-pegged content as it relates to 30-year-olds, but as someone who is about to turn 25 in just a few months, I'm a huge advocate for preparing for the quarter-life crisis I'm about to enter. I know, I know, 25 is still young, but it's also a milestone in my opinion. It's a time to reflect on your formative years, your education, your first career and, of course, your style evolution. Speaking of style evolutions, I can almost guarantee that there are a few wardrobe choices you've made pre-25 that you definitely don't need mocking you any longer. Here, I'm going to walk you through the shoes you should toss by age 25. From worn-in athletic shoes that could be hurting your body to ambitious high heels you wore in uni, it's time to face the facts—you're getting older, and your wardrobe should be a reflection of that.

Go on to find out which four shoes you should ditch by the age of 25, plus the ones you should buy instead.

TOSS: Worn Sports Shoes

We've all accumulated a few pairs of running or athletic shoes over the years. Heck, some may even be from the beginning of school. While that might not seem like that long ago, that means those shoes are almost seven years old (gasp). Trainers are not something you want to keep around for too long. The wear and tear on your trainers is an echo of how the shoes will treat your body. When it comes to athletic shoes, you need a pair that will support you in every sport you participate in. A pair that's stylish and forward? Now that's even better.

TOSS: Sky-High Stilettos 

Sky-high stilettos were an ambitious choice you made all throughout your early 20s. Now that you're more established in your career, though, you're probably taking on a lot more than you anticipated and have a schedule that requires you to be at five different places at once, so you always want to be prepared. Toss the shoes that make your spine shiver, and swap them for versatile heels that will take you from work to a cocktail party with ease. We recommend low or block heels, anything that can be dressed up or down, and, of course, shoes you feel the most confident walking in.

TOSS: Rubber Flip-Flops

Why keep wearing those flimsy rubber flip-flops you hardly like when you could wear any of the gorgeous and interesting slides ahead? Seriously, rubber flip-flops might be convenient, but that's exactly what they scream—convenience. You're officially at the age where dressing like an adult is no longer dressing like an adult because you kind of are one (whatever that means). Whether you're running errands, are headed to the beach or are looking for the easiest shoes on the planet, let sleek slides trump rubber flip-flops every time.

TOSS: Round-Toe Flats

I know, round-toe flats are oddly specific, but the shape is one that never looks as polished as it could, especially in comparison to pointed-toe flats. My preference for 25-year-olds? Pointed-toe slides. The shape of the flat elongates your legs and creates an interesting focal point to any outfit whether it be distressed jeans and a tee or a more work-appropriate look.

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