6 Shoe Trends That Are Taking Over in 2019

Now that the world of shoes is more varied than ever before, it means that trends can appear in the blink of an eye, or the posting of an Insta shot. Some shoe styles will forever be classic, reliable friends we come back to time and again, whilst other, more radical styles will find themselves wavering in and out of favour at different times. Shoes can be the magical portal to which you can instantly update an old outfit, so it only makes sense to stay ahead of the footwear game and keep up to date with the latest goings on for heels, flat, sandals, sneakers and more.

Ahead, we've asked some of the most reputable experts in the industry, ranging from fashion directors at your favorite online shopping destinations to marketing specialists at one of the most popular shopping search engines on the internet, to fill us in on the shoe trends they think are officially set to flourish. Ready to see what they said?

Architectural Heels

Best shoe trends of 2019: architectural heels


Collage Vintage 

“Your run-of-the-mill stilettos and block heels from 2018 are getting a 2019 makeover with fresh heels in architectural shapes.” — Alison Stiefel, the VP of Marketing of ShopStyle 

Best shoe trends of 2019: velcro sandals



“I think 2019 will be more about the athletic hybrid sandal—think a classic Teva shape—and less about flat pool slides.” — Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director at Shopbop

Refined Heels

Best shoe trends of 2019: ladylike heels


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“I’m craving something more refined and in general just trying to move away from the flat-out ‘ugliness’ of 2018. Personally, I’m ready for something a little more refined (and dare I say sexy!) to have a moment.” — Jenny Walton, Fashion Illustrator

Combat Boots

Best shoe trends of 2019: combat boots


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“Sock trainers and sock boots are being replaced by combat boots, [which are] popping up in our top searches. We are seeing styles in black leather with chunky soles as a cool-girl detail. Leading brands for the combat boot are Prada and Valentino.” — Alison Stiefel

Best shoe trends of 2019: logo details


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“We’re seeing a decline in searches for metallic shoes, including a double-digit decline for metallic sneakers. Instead, logos are making their way to shoes and will reign supreme in 2019. You’ll see logos on everything from sneakers to heels from some of our favorite designers like Prada, Gucci and Versace.” — Alison Stiefel

Dad Sneakers

“The platform sneaker trend is winding down, with the dad trainer holding on strong and taking its place for 2019. Styles from Balenciaga and Fila are leading the trend on ShopStyle.” — Alison Stiefel

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