These 15 Pairs of Shearling Boots Are Genuinely Chic

The best sheepskin boots have one thing in common: They are—gasp—chic. So put that idea of the mid-noughties, over-Ugg'd period we all suffered through to one side, and start afresh. Even Ugg have been accepted once more into higher fashion circles—both in their original form as well as newer, more luxe and trend-driven iterations. Along with this cult-adored brand experiencing yet another boom, designers and high-street stores have been hopping onto the cold-snap bandwagon and creating snuggly styles of their own. With a brilliant winter coat and the ultimate knitwear, all you need to be pitch-perfect is to fight against frostbite on your feet in the most stylish way possible. 

best sheepskin boots: Veronika Heilbrunner wearing Timberland's shearling boots with a sweet dress.


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From cosy, sheepskin-lined hiking lace-ups that could compete for the number one spot in your winter boot wardrobe through to sophisticated, block-heeled silhouettes with a subtle shearling detail here or there, your options are endless. And some girls—like Veronika Heilbrunner—are making a statement by wearing them with cute dresses and contrasting shearling jackets too, which gives us food for thought. So whether you're looking for a snuggly pair or just want to up the fashion ante through the chilliest months, we've found the best shearling boots for your shopping pleasure.

To be worn with your prettiest floral dresses for that outdoorsy edge. 

As usual, The Row offers up some of the chicest-looking shoes. 

The classic Ugg boot rejigged. 

For some serious walking in the snow business. 

Wear with cropped flare jeans and short skirts to show these off. 

The sheepskin-lined rules have been flipped on their head here.

For walking or just looking chic in the city. 

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