The Secret Underwear Trick I'm Telling All My Friends About

I’m not saying shapewear is a “dirty” word, but it definitely has a bit of stigma attached to it. Especially right now, as, quite rightly, the body-positive movement means that now more than ever, you can feel more comfortable and empowered by the way your body naturally looks. However, you shouldn’t feel like reaching for the shapewear to mould your body into a more “socially acceptable” shape is unacceptable. Here’s the thing—as much as we should, of course, celebrate every angle and wobble and curve of our bodies, we should also be free to choose shapewear as an option too.

best shapewear for women



Elinor wearing a bodysuit under a blazer.

I’ve often not revealed to friends that I’m a fan of the Kardashian wardrobe staple for the above reasons, but I love it. I first tried it seriously when I was getting married. I found that the body-con slip under my wedding dress not only gave me the silhouette I was after but also made me feel a bit more pulled together on the day. And honestly, an extra layer for when everyone is already looking at you is no bad thing. I continued to wear this slip under countless other dresses.

best shapewear for women


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Elinor on her wedding day wearing a slip under her wedding dress

Then, when I had a wedding to go to a few months after I’d given birth, I reached for the shapewear again—this time in the form of a pair of high-waisted knickers. Most recently, I wore a low-backed body under a dress, as it required a backless bra and this offered support and didn’t show off my underwear. Below, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite brands, so keep scrolling…





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