These Coloured Shampoos Are the Perfect Way to Freshen Up Your Hair Colour

If you’re anything at all like me, you’ll be rather impatiently waiting for the salons to reopen so that you can book yourself in for a well overdue cut and colour. I’m currently entering into my sixth haircut-free month, and things aren’t looking great. The simple act of brushing my hair causes severe snapping, and my split ends are basically beyond help at this point. Plus, on a purely practical note, it’s super long and seriously in my way. 

But besides the fact it’s not in great health, the thing that is causing me the most anguish when it comes to my hair is without a doubt the state of the colour. Luckily for me, my go-to is a sort of out-grown balayage style, so I’m not left with banded, striped roots. However, the blonde that previously made up around 70% of my hair now barely just tips the ends due to breakage. What’s worse is that my previously cool, icy tones have since turned brassy and yellow.

Last week, as I prepared to step outside into the world and meet a friend for the first time in months, I finally decided that enough was enough and dusted off a bottle of coloured, toning shampoo to freshen up my bleached ends. I simply swapped out my usual shampoo for my go-to purple-toned formula, and believe me when I say the results were extraordinary. After just one wash, I looked like I had just stepped out of the salon. Even my friend asked if I had somehow managed to get my colour freshened up.

So if you’ve neglected your go-to toning shampoo over recent weeks or if your colour just needs some serious TLC, keep scrolling for the best toning shampoos for every hair colour.


Best Shampoo for Coloured Hair: @thevycsource



Toning shampoos often work by cancelling out unwanted shades in the hair by depositing pigments of the opposite shade on the colour wheel. Therefore, to cancel out brassy, yellow tones in blonde hair and keep it looking cool and fresh, purple and lilac tinted shampoos are best.


Best Shampoo for Coloured Hair: @monikh



You might think that brunette hair is super low-maintenance, but neglect can leave brown colour looking faded and lacklustre. The key, experts say, to keeping brunette lengths looking fresh and vibrant is to neutralise warm, orange tones by using a blue or brown pigment shampoo.

Red hair is commonly regarded by experts to be one of the most difficult colours to care for. In general, hair fibres don’t like holding onto red dyes, meaning dyed red lengths need a lot of maintenance. Luckily, there are shampoos and treatments you can use to make sure your red tones stay vibrant, whether your hair is natural or colour-treated. Opting for shampoos and glosses with red pigment will help keep your desired colour looking bright and vibrant all summer long.


While the trick to keeping grey hair looking cool and bright follows virtually the same rules as freshening up blonde tones, greys require a little bit more work. Whereas lilac tones will keep blonde looking glossy, if you want your grey to shine silver, opt for highly pigmented, deep violets, blues and greys when it comes to coloured shampoos.

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