The One Trouser Trend I Revisit Every Single December

It’s fashion lore that for every person who wears a pair of sequinned trousers is a friend waiting in a pub to snarkily tell you that the ’80s called, and it wants its sparkly pants back. Rest assured that they’re merely jealous and know that you’re the most fabulously dressed person in the Red Lion.

Personally, I find sequinned trousers one of the most fun items of clothing I own and I love having any opportunity to roll mine out. Of course, the festive period is the time of the year I wear the most frequently, but I’ve also worn them to a summer wedding, so they have real mileage in them. Once you’ve recognised that you’re very much the sort of person who’ll wear them, the world is your sparkling oyster.

best sequin trousers: emili sindlev



If you lack a pair of these special pants in your life, then I have wonderful news: Online stores are teeming with high street and designer versions right now. And they don’t just come in your classic black or silver hues—there are pinks, fluorescent yellows, greens, and blues, which all great if you love some colour in your wardrobe.

Okay, so now you’ve got your sequinned trousers, how do you style them? I tend to defer to the Jenna Lyons school of styling, which usually means pairing them with a white shirt or basic tee. But there’s nothing stopping you from going all-out and wearing a bold snakeskin or leopard-print shirt with them if you really wanted and go for the full maximalist look. Ready to shop the best of the sequinned trousers around right now? Keep scrolling for my edit.

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