Fact: Everyone Bought These 12 Items in 2016

Can you remember every last piece of new clothing you bought in 2016? Perhaps you're one of those people who has been meticulous, organising your wardrobe on a regular basis and knowing everything that's in there. Or perhaps you're that person who buys on impulse and loves to invest in trends, however fleeting they may be. 

At Who What Wear UK, we have incredible insight into how you shopped this year (not in a creepy way, we promise). From the most read stories on the site, we were able to see which pieces you shopped and loved more than anything else. From the perfect petite leggings (thank you, Topshop) to the must-have off-the-shoulder satin blazer, as well as investing in that one trend Olivia Palermo can't get enough of, we found core pieces that we know you'll want to shop before the year is out—that's if you haven't already, of course.

Keep scrolling to find out the 12 items you shopped the most this year…