These 17 Scrunchies Are So Pretty They'd Even Change Carrie Bradshaw's Mind

The scrunchie was once considered one of the fastest ways you could ruin an outfit, as Carrie Bradshaw famously exclaimed in Sex and the City: "No woman who works at W Magazine and lives on Perry Street would be caught dead at a hip, downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!" But in 2020, she would most definitely be wearing a scrunchie (probably a polka-dot beauty by Ganni) with her New Balance trainers and By Far shoulder bag—just swap the hip downtown restaurant for her sofa, of course.

Whether worn on your wrist, at the end of a plait, or around a tight bun, a scrunchie can add personality to any outfit. It can be an easy way to clash prints or add a bit of colour. Cult brands like Ganni and Rixo create scrunchies in their most popular prints, so you can match your scrunchie to your dress. Other popular trends include oversize satin styles, super scrunchies made from sheer organza and leopard print. Plus, most are between £5 and £20. 

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