I'm Shopping Autumn's Top Trends From the Sales—Here's What Has Staying Power

You may think I've lost the plot shopping for shearling and knitwear in mid-June 30-degree heat, but hear me out. The best way to shop the sales is strategically rather than whimsically, and that means thinking ahead. I try to consider classic items and the next season when perusing the discounts on offer, and fortunately for you, I've already done the research on what autumn/winter 2021's big fashion trends will be. 

best sales items to buy now for autumn trends


The Style Stalker/@thestylestalkercom

So while I sip on this iced coffee, let's break it down. Following on from this spring and summer, vibrant colours are still going to rule. That's a particularly smart sale trend to buy into, given you wear it now, later and, most likely, well into the future. Vintage florals are back yet again, and the autumn runways were full of them via dresses—plenty of which are available in the summer sales. Next up is leather, and lots of it. From jackets to jeans, skirts to shirts, there are many designers backing this sumptuous trend for the second half of the year, and it's become something of a perennial, so you'll get wear out of these pieces for many years to come. Then, there's knitwear. It's a huge focus for buyers for autumn/winter 2021, but it's a wardrobe staple one never really tires of, especially if you invest in neutral tones. And finally, handbags! Our requirements for decent handbags have changed over the past year, and now, we're looking to roomy totes and shoppers that can be the receptacles for our, well, lives. 

Below, you'll find some oversized styles that still look neat and sophisticated. Keep scrolling to shop the best of the sales via the lens of autumn/winter 2021.