11 of the Best Ripped Jeans–From Subtle to Savage

You don't have to be a particular person to love a pair of ripped jeans—they're not just for Kardashians or metal lovers. We'd argue that they're best for when you want a cool but laidback look for the weekend. Now while there are plenty on the market right now, there are varying degrees of distressing that need considering.

Best Ripped Jeans


Style du Monde 

Are you someone who likes her knee rips to be subtle? Maybe you're more into the full-length savage rip? Thankfully, there aren't just two options, as there are the aforementioned two plus a few others in between that will help you choose the right kind for your personal style. Keep scrolling for the 11 best pairs of ripped jeans.

#1: Subtle

So small you can hardly tell but there is a tiny rip in the knee here. 

A tiny rip here, a small tear there, this is the ladylike way to do distressed jeans. 

#2: Just the hems

Can only face the bottom of your jeans being ripped? Here you go.

We have it on good authority that this store does some of the best high-street jeans

Nailing two trends in one: Cropped and ripped. 

#3: Medium exposure

Take your rips up a notch with these from Mango.

For those who don't mind flashing a little flesh. Tip: If you don't fancy that, pair fishnets underneath these. 

#4: Savage

With strategically placed tights. 

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