Celebs and It Girls Have Proven This One Bag Style Will Always Be Cool

Best rhinestone bags


Gotham/GC Images

There's no denying how quickly things come and go in fashion. In a mere moment, a micro-trend, rising style star, or It bag can go viral overnight, only to be deemed "passé" a few months later (it's a harsh world). But every once in a while, something comes along and manages not to meet the kiss of death, instead becoming immortalized as a staple in the minds of the fashion and celeb sets. There are the apparent staples (aka leather jackets and denim), and then there are the ones that take us by surprise, like the return and continued prevalence of rhinestone bags. 

While handbag trends always switch up every few seasons, we've seen rhinestone iterations continue to dominate the runway, red carpet, and every major retailer for a few years. In part, that popularity can be attributed to collective fanfare around all things Y2K and the renewed excitement around going out after years of grappling with a pandemic, but it's more than that.

From evening to daytime, there's no occasion the fashion and celeb set isn't wearing this bag style for, proving that the power of this purse lies in innate wearability. And to prove that point, ahead I've pulled the recipes to show how this style continues to be popular, and I've shopped out the best rhinestone bags at every price point. If you weren't a fan of this style before, prepare to change your mind. 

Under $250

On the celeb set:
Dua lipa wearing rhinestone bag


On the fashion set:
Fashion influencer wearing rhinestone bag



She's big enough to fit your phone.

Want a subtler take on shine? Opt for a black rhinestone bag. 

This bag comes in four other colorways. 

Rhinestone-studded pouch? Yes, please. 

The chain handle on this baguette is so cute.

Under $600

On the celeb set:
Beyoncé wearing rhinestone purse


On the fashion set:
fashion influencer wearing rhinestone bag



I wanted to cry the first time I saw this bag. 

While this bag comes in various colors, this pink is a personal favorite. 

You'll definitely be able to fit what you need for the evening in this bag. 

While I own this silver version of this bag, I can definitely make space for this blue version. 

The classic shape of this bag will ensure it still looks relevant years from now. 

The crystal rhinestones make this satin bag all the more stunning. 

I'm not normally a fan of peach, but this rhinestone clutch changed my mind. 

Why have regular logos when you can have ones made from rhinestone studs?

Worth Investing In

On the celeb set:
Bella hadid wearing rhinestone purse


Gotham/GC Images
On the fashion set:
Fashion influencer wearing prada rhinestone bag



This bag has become a favorite among the fashion set. 

While Beyoncé carried the silver version of this bag, this hue is just as good. 

Prefer a bag that's not fully covered in rhinestones? Opt for one with a rhinestone handle instead. 

You can't round up the best rhinestone bags without including this Balenciaga one.