PJs Have Become My Second Skin—and These Are the Pairs I'm Tempted by

This time of year is typically when we see a spike in sales of fancy pyjamas, as many indulge in beautiful PJs for the Christmas period or to give as a gift. Given our lead-up to Christmas this year is spent pre-dominantly on the sofa, rather than bar hopping, it's unsurprising that for many of us pyjamas have become something of a second skin. If you're looking to upgrade from your trusty old flannel PJs, there are a number of little-known and independent labels creating beautiful sets that are worth spending a little more on. 

Following this year's lockdown restrictions, loved British dress brand Rixo pivoted into loungewear, creating pyjama sets and robes in its distinctive star and floral prints that have made Rixo dresses a household name over the past five years. A favourite pair in the WWW office is the blue gingham trouser set complete with frills, puffy sleeves and a Princess Di collar. They also all come with a matching eye mask. 

You can't talk about pyjamas in 2020 without mentioning cult label Sleeper—the feather-trimmed pyjama sets have been yoyo-ing in and out of stock over the past year, and have become the most sought-after outfit for the festive season this year, and have been worn by Kendall Jenner and Holly Willoughby over the past month. Keep scrolling for more of the pyjama brands I love this year. 


Rixo has launched loungewear for the first time this month, including beautiful printed robes, pyjama sets and matching eye masks. The red and black vintage rose print rose is my personal favourite. 


Honna London was founded by stylist, fashion editor (and former WWW contributor) Barbara McMillan and creates classic striped pyjama sets that are beautifully made for £120. The sage green version is a recent addition, and perfect for Christmas.


I struggled to find any Sleeper pyjamas that are still in stock for this piece, as this brand has that much hype this year. The black trouser set with feather trims is like fashion gold dust this year, but I also love the yellow and pink gingham versions. 


Tekla is another amazing brand to arise from Copenhagen—the Danish brand was created in 2017 making bathrobes, bedding and beautiful classic, and very simple PJs. Oh and Harry Styles is a fan. 

Desmond and Dempsey

According to Net-a-Porter, the idea for Desmond & Dempsey was born as co-founder Molly Goddard used to sleep in her boyfriend Joel's button-down shirts and they made a pyjama brand together so that she would stop spilling coffee on his shirts. The sets all have a menswear feel, and use hand-painted vibrant prints.  





Pour Les Femmes

Pour Les Femmes was created by House of Cards star Robin Wright and designer Karen Fowler. They created the brand as they couldn't find the perfect lightweight pyjamas, and married this with their desire to create a socially conscious business. Pour Les Femmes supports charitable organizations that directly help women in conflict regions—the details of the campaign are listed in detail on its website. 

Olivia von Halle

When it comes to luxury pyjamas, Olivia von Halle is the ultimate brand for silk sets you can wear outside the house and nine years since its launch has become a firm fashion crowd favourite. Kate Moss has been seen several times in the classic striped silk PJs.

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