The Affordable Zara-Owned Brand You're Not Shopping Yet

Have you shopped at Pull&Bear? Have you even heard of it? Those who have access to the well-stocked high streets may have noticed this Spanish casual-wear gem, but we thought it was high time that we shared our little secret. The Zara-owned brand is basically like the chill version of the mega fashion store—it has a noticeably more laid-back approach to style. It's ideal for basics but it's also a good place to snatch up the up-and-coming trends you want to try without breaking the bank. From stirrup leggings to '80s-style puffer jackets, there's plenty of new trend goodness going on in the brand's latest collection. And we've picked just the pieces for you to shop to prove our point. Of course, Instagram has already cottoned onto this brand, with plenty of chic looks cropping up.

So whether you're looking for a classic graphic T-shirt or a striped basic, Pull&Bear could just be the high-street store you've been waiting for. And because it's owned by Zara, you just know that all the items are fashion forward and will look good with everything else in your wardrobe right now. The best thing is that its prices are super affordable, meaning you can buy without the guilt. Your purse, 1. January, 0. Click through our gallery for our favourite picks from Pull&Bear right now.

A new way to jazz up a plain grey sweatshirt.

A bit hesitant about trying the stirrup leggings trend? Fear not, buy a pair from Pull&Bear and you can see if you like it. 

Impractical, yes. But oh so pretty with a pair of glitter socks. 

You can never have enough striped shirts in your wardrobe. Trust us on this. 

Layer this under or over your favourite T-shirt. 

There's a bodysuit revolution going on right now. 

Something feels pretty '80s about this one. 

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Opening Images: Pull&Bear, @viktoria_kruszczynska


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