19 Extra-Pretty New-In Pieces You Won't Be Able to Resist

The sun comes out and a few inevitable things happen: Boys like to take their tops off in the city (even if it's not that hot, and they're not that hot either), and we all want a frozen yoghurt as part of our regular workday lunch plan. We also dream of frolicking in meadows on the weekend (but the weather never lasts, and we can't be bothered to travel) while endlessly fantasizing over the fabulous clothes we now need to suit the warmer weather. Lucky for us, the latter is something that can come to fruition. You see, there are so many really gorgeous new items to shop in-store at the moment that your summer wardrobe can start shaping up very nicely and easily. The mood right now is ultra pretty, and the abundance of pink, lace, frills and embroidery is enough to turn even the toughest tomboys into S/S 16 princesses.

We trawled all of the stores to save you some quality froyo time, so go through the gallery to see the prettiest pieces we'd recommend snapping up fast…

Just the right shade of pink to go with both your summer and winter wardrobes.

If this doesn't replace your night-out biker jacket, nothing will.

This is destined for an Instagram snap.

Fishnet skirts are having a moment—just see Rihanna.

Double tailored florals are a great alternative for wedding guests.

These look so much more expensive than their price tag.

This is the brand that all the bloggers are after right now.

If Gucci's head-to-toe look is too much for you, nod to the eclectic trend with these.

A solid workwear wardrobe addition for any busy girl.

Traditional embroidery and smocking are the details of summer 2016.

Pretty pink dresses have been given a cool-over thanks to the runways.

The kind of straw beach bag that works just as hard in the city.

Unbutton a loose-fit shirt to reveal a slice of lace at your next party.

Anyone would easily think this frock is a vintage-store gem.

Our editor has literally just bought these…

Zara's really stepping up their game with this intricate rose embroidery.

Do you have a favourite piece? Let us know in the comments box below…

Opening Image: Phill Taylor. Outfit credit: Valentino dress and bag.

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