Prediction: These Will Be the Halloween Costumes Fashion Lovers Choose

We admit it—we have been known to find ourselves without a costume on the actual day of Halloween. But not this time around. There's no such thing as getting your look together too early, and with a year that's been jam-packed with memorable moments, there are plenty of recent pop cultural phenomenons that are worth re-creating, come October 31. So no excuses.

Since having so many options can be overwhelming, we're making things easy and narrowing it down to five simple yet incredibly savvy getups. Each look is inspired by a style icon who had us all talking, and when dressed in any of these looks, you're guaranteed to have a fighting chance in winning a costume contest. Plus, since they're all relevant to this year, no one will have to ask you what you're dressed as, they will know as soon as you walk in the room... If they've been paying attention, that is.

Get ahead on costume planning and shop these five Halloween looks right now.

Let's be honest—no one can compete with Queen Bey, but this Halloween, you can be her to a certain degree. Relive the glory of her "Hold Up" video, and make sure to request that the DJ play Lemonade in its entirety wherever you end up for the evening.*

What You'll Need: Zara Dress With Beaded Detail (£30); ASOS Harbour Platform Sandal (£45); Louisville Slugger Natural Baseball Bat (£50); Forever 21 Etched Spiral Hoops (£3).

*We realise not all establishments will be relaxed about you bringing a baseball bat instead of a handbag.

We've arrived at Season 2 of the hit show Scream Queens, but how could we not take the chance to relive the glorious style of the Chanels from the first season? Pink is a requirement; accessories are optional (but not really). 

What You'll Need: H&M Sleeveless Dress (£15); Accessorize Narrow Band Earmuffs (£15) and Fraise Tipped Fur Tippet Scarf (£25); & Other Stories Tab Detail Leather Chain Crossover Bag (£89); Topshop Radiant Padded Sandals (£50).

Honour the iconic singer by dressing in your best Ziggy Stardust style this year. Bonus points if you get creative with face paint, and of course, glitter. 

What You'll Need: Zara Crossover Top (£18); Loft Pretzel Skinny Silk Scarf (£36); H&M Glitter Flared Pant (£17); Mango Snake-Effect Ankle Boot (£40).

The presidential candidate has a penchant for pantsuits, and we can't help but be on board too. To finish off the polished look, make sure you've got the right accessories—pearls and, of course, a Hillary logo pin. 

What You'll Need: Zara Double Crepe Blazer (£50) and Crepe Pants (£26); New Look Block Heel Court Shoe (£20); Forever 21 Faux Pearl Layered Necklace (£11); Hillary Clinton Logo Lapel Pin (£12)

Stranger Things has been the TV hit for the fashion crowd in 2016, and there is no character more admired than Eleven, the girl with mysterious powers and a love for waffles. Side note: Carry a box of Eggos along and you'll also have a snack for later.

What You'll Need: H&M Navy Bomber Jacker (£30) and Sleeveless Collar Dress (£25); Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top (£50).

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Opening Image: Tidal