These Are Genuinely Great Lingerie Brands for Bigger Busts

Rihanna is brilliant, isn't she? She's consistently delivered us hit songs (seriously, drop the new album already), but then in 2017, she launched Fenty, her own beauty line that caters to a wide range of skin tones in an industry that often falls short. But, not content with all of that, she then decided that she wanted to create a lingerie line that mirrored her cosmetics collection: inclusive and incredibly cool. Savage x Fenty offers sassy underwear for a broad range of sizes. It is easily one of the best lingerie brands out there, especially for bigger busts. However, RiRi's not alone in offering up a great line of lingerie for larger cup and dress sizes.

best plus size lingerie brands: asos lotte



Thanks to plenty of brands no longer just catering to a particular size, there are some incredible options out there, from ASOS, which offers up pretty lace bodices as well as fitted crop tops, to Figleaves, which has more traditional structured bras to cater for those who need additional support. Ready to see our edit? All you need to do is keep scrolling.

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