Finally: The Trainer Trend Petite Girls Have Been Waiting for

Since I stand at 5'3" tall, heels became part of my daily uniform early in my teens, and, as such, they're now my identifier. While the rest of my wardrobe remains pared-back and neutral, heels present an opportunity to let my fashion freak flag fly—bejewelled, bright, and the more extra, the better. 

My height is also the reason I avoided wearing trainers for so long—I felt stumpy enough, but add flat soles into the equation, and in my mind I looked akin to pocket-sized Michelin Man. Ridiculous I know, but that's how I felt all the same. 

That was until I tried the latest trainer trend the style squad are loving: platform sneakers. Okay, so I know what you're thinking—isn't that what Tom Cruise supposedly wears? I can neither confirm or deny this; what I can clarify, however, is that they're perfect if you're on the petite side

I often find my teeny feet look out of proportion with the rest of my body. Platform sneakers solve that, as they tend to be longer and chunkier than the likes of plimsoles or skater kicks. Then, of course, the stacked sole adds extra inches where I need it most. In short (pun unintended but very much welcomed), I honestly don't know how I lived without them—and it seems some of my favourite influencers don't either. 

Instead of wearing them Spice Girls-style with miniskirts and popper-side trackies, look to Monikh, Hannah, Aude and Rikke for luxe inspiration. Then, keep scrolling to see and shop the best platform sneakers around.

Best Platform Trainers: Aude-Julie makes hers work by turning up her chinos.



Aude pairs her Buffalo platform sneakers with chinos and a black tee. 

Hannah gives her Ash trainers a chic spin with the addition of a camel coat. 

Best Platform Trainers: Monikh Dale dons a black pair.



Monikh effortlessly rolls up her jeans to allow her cult Eytys kicks to take centre stage. 

Rikke makes her Balenciaga trainers look grown-up with ivory tailoring and directional accessories. 


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