These Are the Best Zara Pieces for Petite Girls

I sometimes feel like Zara was put on this earth to taunt me. I walk in as confident as can be, certain that I'll come away with a bounty. I walk out, usually with a lone pair of shoes and maybe a pair of earrings. Clearly there are worse things in life (plus, you'll find some spectacularly expensive-looking footwear options in-store right now), but I'm always a bit disappointed that those tailored flares were so long they'd lose their silhouette if I took them up, or that the standout dress I'd be ogling online would be perfect if only the waistline sat in line with my petite proportions. As an added curse, I'm also by no means super slim—being curvy and short makes me a prime candidate to just get a grip and shop elsewhere.

Please know that I feel your pain. We all love the impeccably high standards of Zara's trend-driven goods, but if only the retailer would cater to girls around the 5'1" mark more often, right? I put myself to the test and tried on a truckload of new-in pieces to see what can actually work when you're short and heading there with trepidation—and these are the results. Keep reading to see the best petite buys in Zara right now.