I Just Looked Through Thousands of Dresses, and These 26 Wowed Me

If there's one thing I know about Who What Wear readers, it's that you all love dresses. While we might not have as many opportunities to wear frocks to parties, dinners, pubs, and clubs, especially with the festive season coming up, don't let that put you off wearing something that you love. In a nutshell, wear that dress that you've had your eye on because it'll make you feel great. To help, I decided to look through literally thousands of dresses online and find the best party dresses I could for Christmas 2020.

There are a few rules I often stick to for dressing during the festive period. Firstly, I like to pick something I'll wear over and over so it doesn't go to the big festive wardrobe in the sky. Sequins are fine so long as you remember you can wear them at any other time of the year—I especially like to pair a sparkly dress with jeans later on in the year—or even to a wedding. I also think it's worth considering the material and level of coverage, as you might want a slightly heavier fabric and a midi hem to keep you warm. Finally, I often veer towards red, green, black, and metallic for a party frock, but there are no real rules around that, so go for what you love. Ultimately, you want a dress that makes you smile, so hopefully, I've found one of those for you in the selection below. 

best party dresses 2020: emili sindlev



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