22 Party Bags That Carrie Bradshaw Would Be Proud to Own

Like shoes, and holidays and spa treatments, we believe that bags are something we can't have just one of. In fact, we find ourselves needing a "daytime" bag, a "nice" bag, an "I need to fit in my trainers, my entire makeup collection and a Kit Kat for emergencies" kind of bag, and, of course, a "going out" bag. It can often become a minefield. But what if we were to tell you those party bags you only purchase as the festive season draws closer can actually be incorporated into your everyday outfits, too? When autumn/winter 2018 has so many incredible bags on offer, there's no way we can justify saving them for last.

From Cult Gaia's new tasselled treat to the Shrimps showstopper that's been given the Midas touch, these are the 22 party bags you won't be able to save for the dance floor.

These are the winter-ready dresses you can wear with your new party bags.