The New Dress Trend Fashion Girls Are Loving This Month

While there is a time and a place for a form-fitting dress, the festive period arguably isn't one of them. It's the time of year for parties, which, if you're doing them correctly, should involve dancing (the more questionable, the better). What you certainly don't want is to be restricted by your attire when your favourite (probably Beyoncé) song comes on.

Well, rejoice, dear reader, for we've found the perfect outfit that'll allow you to do both the aforementioned activities without fear of feeling bloated or that your clothes are too constricting. Cue the oversized dress.

Cecilie Bahnsen first put this silhouette on the sartorial map back in the summer and now, thanks to decadent fabrics, luxe colours and ornate embellishment, the oversized dress has been given a going-out overhaul.

Worn with everything from courts to strappy sandals to knee-high boots, keep scrolling to see how some of our fashion friends are wearing their frocks, then proceed to shop our edit of the best oversized dresses around.

Alyssa proves the oversized dress looks just as good in the summer as it does winter. 

Pernille styles her black oversized dress with coordinating black sandals. 

Best Oversized Dresses: @nnennaechem wears an oversized dress



Nnena plays on the doll-like vibe of her dress by adding an Alice band. 

Best Oversized Dresses: @maria_bernad wears an oversized dress



Maria gives her white oversized dress extra edge with a pair of black boots. 

Blair showcases the silhouette of her dress to excellent avail.