Forget Gaga's Diamonds—Here Are 20 Affordable Pieces From the Oscars Red Carpet

If previous carpet-making moments like Lucy Boynton's "goth-punk" liner at the SAG Awards or H.E.R.'s signature '70s waves at the Grammys were any indication, the looks we'd see on 2019's Oscars red carpet would surely stun us—and stun us they have. This season especially, we've noticed the industry's best makeup artists and hairstylists taking thoughtful and artistic cues from the stars they are collaborating with. Of course, they have a special knack for accenting whatever dress, shoe and diamond earring the celebrity is wearing. Much to our beauty-loving delight, last night's ceremony proved to be no exception.

From mesmerising makeup looks we couldn't zoom in on fast enough to the hairstyles we want to re-create immediately, here are the beauty looks we couldn't stop gaping at during the 2019 Oscars red carpet. The diamond jewellery borrowed from vaults for a few hours and custom designer gowns are priceless, however, the one thing we can buy into is all the beauty. We've found the exact products used on the red carpet, including a £7 hair gel and £25 mascara. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—the best products used on the Oscars red carpet.