Can't Say No: The 18 Best Sale Pieces of the Week

 As we’ve told you time and again, there are few things in the world that get us as excited as a really good sale. In order to pay homage to the great love of our life, and to help spread the joy that is a good designer sale, we’re starting a new weekly series called Can’t Say No, a shopping story geared toward that experience we all hold so near and dear: finding the perfect sale.

Whether your jam is a pair of Isabel Marant pumps for a modest $400 or a Chloé skirt for a remarkably “cheap” $500, there are a number of solid finds in this week’s edition. And if you don’t get a thrill from spending less than what you normally would on designer wares, then just give it a try—you might find that you’ve been a closeted discount addict this whole time.

Keep scrolling to shop 18 amazing sale pieces now! Trust us, you won’t be able to say no.

The Row Polin Skirt ($1290 $319)


Any good sales out there we should know about? Tell us in the comments below!


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