This Swimsuit Style Never Fails to Make Me Feel Sassy

At age 33, I can finally say I've stopped worrying about the mythical "big reveal" that we're led to believe in—and be in total fear of—when it comes to going on holiday. Life is too short to believe in a universal standard beach body (whatever that means). I'd rather just enjoy myself. Take a quick look at any European beach full of locals and you'll find beautiful women of all shapes and sizes wearing whatever the heck they want, without a care in the world.

Once upon a time, I would have felt frumpy opting for a swimsuit, but now I see them as a nice holiday packing companion to the smaller two-pieces I'll lean on for my annual sunbathing mission. I'm not wearing them because I'm scared to unleash my figure on the world; it's more that the world of swimsuits has improved so vastly that they're now just as covetable and fashionable as their skimpier counterparts.

Best off-the-should swimsuits: an orange and tan Self-Portrait swimming costume worn with a straw hat



It's nice to have options on call. I like to have a swimming costume available for the days where I know I'll be hitting a particularly choppy part of the ocean or need to go straight from the pool to a barbecue without being able to change into something for the evening. A cossie can act as the fanciest of vacation tops, and even more so when they're off-the-shoulder.

Which is where the sassy part comes in. Unlike cutaway styles (which can be a real faff getting in and out of this), this is a chic and easy way to add interest to your swimwear collection. If you, like me, require a bit of extra support in the bosom area, you can also find styles that have shoulder straps that still fit the trend. So keep on scrolling to shop all of my favourite off-the-shoulder swimsuits to buy in 2019.

Who doesn't love leopard-print swimwear?

Next up, your guide to the new swimwear trends of 2019.

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